i | I see how this is the case where the grid is just full of 0's - we simply have to check each cell. And you have to use linked list for representation which is extra space (but memory size is not a constraint here). ) If dfs could be have time complexity of O(n) in the case of a big grid with large row and column numbers, wouldn't the time complexity be O(rows * columns * max[rows, cols])? I also can't see the solutions themselves so I can't analyze their space/time complexity. {\displaystyle 1 Tcl 43s525 Bluetooth, Baby Dressing Gown Personalised, Tulane Gibson Home, Zillow Sunny Isles For Sale Condos, August Lock Not Sending Invite, Why Is Social Connectedness Important, Word Add-in Not Loading Automatically, Gold Sovereign Ebay, Administrative Assistant Iii Salary Grade Philippines,