This was indicated by his downcast eyes, the blush on his countenance, and his gait. For these reasons, it seems to me right that this place should not only be kept pure through your diligence from all defilement, but restored also to its pristine sanctity; that nothing hereafter may be done there except the performance of fitting service to him who is the Almighty God, and our Saviour, and Lord of all. Eusebius wrote his life and preserved his letters so that his policy would continue. And let your Holinesses' sagacity reflect how grievous and scandalous it is that on the self-same days some should be engaged in fasting, others in festive enjoyment; and again, that after the days of Easter some should be present at banquets and amusements, while others are fulfilling the appointed fasts. And as the keen-sighted eagle in its heavenward flight is able to descry from its lofty height the most distant objects on the earth, so did he, while residing in the imperial palace of his own fair city, discover as from a watchtower a hidden and fatal snare of souls in the province of Phœnicia. Hence it is that among the qualities which shed a luster on his memory, we may rightly include that surpassing degree of filial affection whereby he rendered full obedience to the Divine precepts which enjoin due honor from children to their parents. Now when the appointed day arrived on which the council met for the final solution of the questions in dispute, each member was present for this in the central building of the palace, which appeared to exceed the rest in magnitude. Having thus taken leave of them, he gave them all permission to return to their respective countries; and this they did with joy, and thenceforward that unity of judgment at which they had arrived in the emperor's presence continued to prevail, and those who had long been divided were bound together as members of the same body. Its Introduction and Commentary open up the many important issues the Life of Constantine raises. 1. Our emperor's pious deeds, however, had in them nothing fabulous or feigned; but by virtue of the manifested power of his Saviour, this temple as well as others was so utterly overthrown, that not a vestige of the former follies was left behind. ... Book I Book II Book III Book IV. If this then be really so, if I am not deceived in my judgment, let this, brethren, be your first consideration, for many and important considerations will immediately present themselves, whether, should you persist in your intention, that mutual kindly feeling and affection which should subsist among you will suffer no diminution? The work progresses into Constantine’s time under the Emperor Diocletian. This it was of which the emperor gave a true and faithful representation in the picture above described. Then the emperor, believing that he had thus obtained a second victory over the adversary of the Church, proceeded to solemnize a triumphal festival in honor of God. While, however, her character derived luster from such deeds as I have described, she was far from neglecting personal piety toward God. Then as if to bring a divine array against this enemy, he convoked a general council, and invited the speedy attendance of bishops from all quarters, in letters expressive of the honorable estimation in which he held them. About this page. It is, then, plainly the will of Divine Providence (as I suppose you all clearly see), that this usage should receive fitting correction, and be reduced to one uniform rule. Victor Constantinus, Maximus Augustus, to the heretics. These proceedings, however, could not escape the vigilance of our august emperor, who, having himself inspected them with characteristic forethought, and judging that such a temple was unfit for the light of heaven, gave orders that the building with its offerings should be utterly destroyed. O holy faith, who givest us in our Saviour's words and precepts a model, as it were, of what our life should be, how hardly would you yourself resist the sins of men, were it not that you refuse to subserve the purposes of gain! Thus did Helena Augusta, the pious mother of a pious emperor, erect over the two mystic caverns these two noble and beautiful monuments of devotion, worthy of everlasting remembrance, to the honor of God her Saviour, and as proofs of her holy zeal, receiving from her son the aid of his imperial power. For it is said Acts 2:5 sqq. He further enriched it with numberless offerings of inexpressible beauty and various materials — gold, silver, and precious stones, the skillful and elaborate arrangement of which, in regard to their magnitude, number, and variety, we have not leisure at present to describe particularly. Nor was it long ere this aged woman reaped the due reward of her labors. The place itself we have directed to be adorned with an unpolluted structure, I mean a church; in order that it may become a fitting place of assembly for holy men. On the other hand one might see the fountains in the midst of the market place graced with figures representing the good Shepherd, well known to those who study the sacred oracles, and that of Daniel also with the lions, forged in brass, and resplendent with plates of gold. (Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co., 1890.) On this occasion public festivals were celebrated by the people of the provinces generally, but the emperor himself invited and feasted with those ministers of God whom he had reconciled, and thus offered as it were through them a suitable sacrifice to God. Constantine's Letter to Eusebius, in praise of his Discourse concerning Easter. Nor did the emperor's zeal stop here; but he gave further orders that the materials of what was thus destroyed, both stone and timber, should be removed and thrown as far from the spot as possible; and this command also was speedily executed. --> Chapter 29. Book 4 is largely concerned with Constantine and his personal life and final accomplishments, concluding with the death of Constantine. And now, acting as he did under the guidance of the divine Spirit, he could not consent to see the sacred spot of which we have spoken, thus buried, through the devices of the adversaries, under every kind of impurity, and abandoned to forgetfulness and neglect; nor would he yield to the malice of those who had contracted this guilt, but calling on the divine aid, gave orders that the place should be thoroughly purified, thinking that the parts which had been most polluted by the enemy ought to receive special tokens, through his means, of the greatness of the divine favor. The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. All these graces, united to a suavity of manner, and a serenity becoming his imperial station, declared the excellence of his mental qualities to be above all praise. Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co.. Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight. About this time he completed the twentieth year of his reign. Such was the treatment of those who stood charged with rank heresy: those, however, who maintained no impious doctrine, but had been separated from the one body through the influence of schismatic advisers, were received without difficulty or delay. And these injunctions the emperor sent by a letter written with his own hand. 1. No wonder, then, if I affirm that your maintenance of the truth has tended rather to promote your security than to draw on you the hatred of others. Nor is it reasonable that an inquiry into the qualifications of this one should be made to the detriment of others; since the judgment of all churches, whether reckoned of greater or less importance in themselves, is equally capable of receiving and maintaining the divine ordinances, so that one is in no way inferior to another, if we will but boldly declare the truth, in regard to that standard of practice which is common to all. They had ordered the pagan temples to be sumptuously adorned: he razed to their foundations those of them which had been the chief objects of superstitious reverence. For in that case, your Prudences will be able, according to the rule of the Church and apostolic tradition, to direct this election in the manner which true ecclesiastical discipline shall prescribe. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Eusebius' Life of Constantine. Thus the members of the entire body became united, and compacted in one harmonious whole; and the one catholic Church, at unity with itself, shone with full luster, while no heretical or schismatic body anywhere continued to exist. He, perceiving the evils of which he had heard to be no longer tolerable, took wise counsel, and tempering the natural clemency of his character with a certain measure of severity, hastened to succor those who were thus grievously oppressed. Little is known of Eusebius since much of his work is lost, and no copies remain of a a biography of Eusebius by Acacius. (To help fight spam, this address might change occasionally.) In this manner he intended to represent the secret adversary of the human race, and to indicate that he was consigned to the gulf of perdition by virtue of the salutary trophy placed above his head. He sent moreover to the writer of this history an eloquent admonition, a copy of which I think it well to insert in the present work, in order to convey a just idea of his pious diligence and zeal. Rather should they considerately condescend to the weaker, remembering that absolute perfection in any case is a rare quality indeed. Hear, then, in what manner he addressed them in this letter. Accordingly, he kindled a furious controversy at Antioch, and thereby involved the church in that place in a series of tragic calamities, which had nearly occasioned the total overthrow of the city. Such was the external appearance of his person; and with regard to his mind, it was evident that he was distinguished by piety and godly fear. We must consider, too, that a discordant judgment in a case of such importance, and respecting such religious festival, is wrong. Eusebius of Caesarea (c. AD 263339) also called Eusebius Pamphili, was a Roman historian. And now those who had heretofore lived without restraint learned self-control through the emperor's threat of punishment, as likewise those superstitious Gentiles wise in their own conceit, who now obtained experimental proof of their own folly. Hence it was that, of those who had been the slaves of superstition, when they saw with their own eyes the exposure of their delusion, and beheld the actual ruin of the temples and images in every place, some applied themselves to the saving doctrine of Christ; while others, though they declined to take this step, yet reprobated the folly which they had received from their fathers, and laughed to scorn what they had so long been accustomed to regard as gods. And when at length at the close of a long life, she was called to inherit a happier lot, having arrived at the eightieth year of her age, and being very near the time of her departure, she prepared and executed her last will in favor of her only son, the emperor and sole monarch of the world, and her grandchildren, the Cæsars his sons, to whom severally she bequeathed whatever property she possessed in any part of the world. This was the emperor's letter; and his directions were at once carried into effect. All your counsels are opposed to the truth, but familiar with deeds of baseness; full of absurdities and fictions: and by these ye frame falsehoods, oppress the innocent, and withhold the light from them that believe. Now to abide by that which appears at the same time pleasing to God, and accordant with apostolic tradition, is a proof of true piety. And you will consider not only that the number of churches is far greater in the regions I have enumerated than in any other, but also that it is most fitting that all should unite in desiring that which sound reason appears to demand, and in avoiding all participation in the perjured conduct of the Jews. Accordingly, the people being thus in every place divided in respect of this, and the sacred observances of religion confounded for a long period (insomuch that the diversity of judgment in regard to the time for celebrating one and the same feast caused the greatest disagreement between those who kept it, some afflicting themselves with fastings and austerities, while others devoted their time to festive relaxation), no one appeared who was capable of devising a remedy for the evil, because the controversy continued equally balanced between both parties. They had derided his Christ with words of blasphemy: he assumed that as his safeguard against which they directed their blasphemies, and gloried in the symbol of the Saviour's passion. Immediately after the transactions I have recorded, the emperor sent forth injunctions which breathed a truly pious spirit, at the same time granting ample supplies of money, and commanding that a house of prayer worthy of the worship of God should be erected near the Saviour's tomb on a scale of rich and royal greatness. Indeed, the nature of this miracle as far transcends the capacity of human reason as heavenly things are superior to human affairs. I ask then, brethren, why do we so decide as to inflict an injury on others by our choice? Lastly, whatever part of the material appeared valuable they scraped off and melted in the fire to prove its worth, after which they secured and set apart whatever they judged needful for their purpose, leaving to the superstitious worshipers that which was altogether useless, as a memorial of their shame. Indeed, among brethren, whom the selfsame disposition to walk in the ways of truth and righteousness promises, through the favor of God, to register among his pure and holy family, what can be more honorable than gladly to acquiesce in the prosperity of all men? In prompt obedience to this command, a band of soldiers laid this building, the admiration of noble philosophers, prostrate in the dust, together with its unseen inmate, neither demon nor god, but rather a deceiver of souls, who had seduced mankind for so long a time through various ages. It was once my chief desire, dearest friends, to enjoy the spectacle of your united presence; and now that this desire is fulfilled, I feel myself bound to render thanks to God the universal King, because, in addition to all his other benefits, he has granted me a blessing higher than all the rest, in permitting me to see you not only all assembled together, but all united in a common harmony of sentiment. This also was accomplished without delay. Having, moreover, been informed of the circumstances of the case, partly by your letters, partly by those of our illustrious counts, Acacius and Strategius, after sufficient investigation I have written to the people of Antioch, suggesting the course which will be at once pleasing to God and advantageous for the Church. Hence, he disdained not to communicate by letter even with these persons, urging them to seek diligently the knowledge of God. Nevertheless, these devices of impious and wicked men against the truth had prevailed for a long time, nor had any one of the governors, or military commanders, or even of the emperors themselves ever yet appeared, with ability to abolish these daring impieties, save only that one who enjoyed the favor of the King of kings. Buy Life Of Constantine (Clarendon Ancient History Series) by Eusebius, Eusebius (ISBN: 9780198149248) from Amazon's Book Store. And thus he who had promised to others deliverance from misfortune and distress, could find no means for his own security, any more than when, as is told in myth, he was scorched by the lightning's stroke. For you are not ignorant that the Supreme God first appeared to Abraham, and conversed with him, in that place. I confess, then, that on reading your records I perceived, by the highly eulogistic testimony which they bear to Eusebius, bishop of Cæsarea, whom I have myself long well known and esteemed for his learning and moderation, that you are strongly attached to him, and desire to appropriate him as your own. They had shamefully plundered and sold the goods of godly men: Constantine not only replaced this loss, but still further enriched them with abundant presents. Eusebius' Life of Constantine - Ebook written by Eusebius. And now I rejoice in beholding your assembly; but I feel that my desires will be most completely fulfilled when I can see you all united in one judgment, and that common spirit of peace and concord prevailing among you all, which it becomes you, as consecrated to the service of God, to commend to others. As soon as he had advanced to the upper end of the seats, at first he remained standing, and when a low chair of wrought gold had been set for him, he waited until the bishops had beckoned to him, and then sat down, and after him the whole assembly did the same. From Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Second Series, Vol. Surely it must seem to all who duly regard these facts, that a new and fresh era of existence had begun to appear, and a light heretofore unknown suddenly to dawn from the midst of darkness on the human race: and all must confess that these things were entirely the work of God, who raised up this pious emperor to withstand the multitude of the ungodly. And while he thus nobly testified his reverence for these places, he at the same time eternized the memory of his mother, who had been the instrument of conferring so valuable a benefit on mankind. And besides this he sent them also written exhortations, as though he had been especially ordained by God for this end, that he might instruct all men in the principles of chastity. Receive then on board that merchandise which is incorruptible, since, as it were, all bilge water has been drained from the vessel; and be careful henceforth so to secure the enjoyment of all your present blessing, that you may not seem at any future time either to have determined any measure on the impulse of inconsiderate or ill-directed zeal, or in the first instance rashly to have entered on an inexpedient course. He became the Bishop of Caesarea in Palestine about the year 314. But the inner part of the roof, which was finished with sculptured panel work, extended in a series of connected compartments, like a vast sea, over the whole church; and, being overlaid throughout with the purest gold, caused the entire building to glitter as it were with rays of light. With regard to those images which were of gold, he dealt with them in a different manner. For whatever is determined in the holy assemblies of the bishops is to be regarded as indicative of the Divine will. For he who was God with us had submitted to be born even in a cave of the earth, and the place of his nativity was called Bethlehem by the Hebrews. But now a new statute, breathing the very spirit of modesty, proceeded from the emperor, which peremptorily forbade the continuance of former practices. The Editions and Translations of this work are substantially identical with those of the Life, above, but some of the earlier ones do not contain the work. For since the law directed that search should be made for their books, those of them who practiced evil and forbidden arts were detected, and these were ready to secure their own safety by dissimulation of every kind. He judged it incumbent on him to render the blessed locality of our Saviour's resurrection an object of attraction and veneration to all. This he adorned with a pavement of finely polished stone, and enclosed it on three sides with porticos of great length. Accordingly, on the very spot which witnessed the Saviour's sufferings, a new Jerusalem was constructed, over against the one so celebrated of old, which, since the foul stain of guilt brought on it by the murder of the Lord, had experienced the last extremity of desolation, the effect of Divine judgment on its impious people. . For truly he maintained a continual testimony to the Christ of God with all boldness, and before all men; and so far was he from shrinking from an open profession of the Christian name, that he rather desired to make it manifest to all that he regarded this as his highest honor, now impressing on his face the salutary sign, and now glorying in it as the trophy which led him on to victory. For if all who are accounted wise throughout the world were to unite in their endeavors to say somewhat worthy of this event, they would be unable to attain their object in the smallest degree. The next object of his attention was a space of ground of great extent, and open to the pure air of heaven. And first of all, it appeared an unworthy thing that in the celebration of this most holy feast we should follow the practice of the Jews, who have impiously defiled their hands with enormous sin, and are, therefore, deservedly afflicted with blindness of soul. Eusebius Pamphilius: Church History, Life of Constantine, Oration in Praise of Constantine by Eusebius Pamphilius. Clarendon Press, Sep 10, 1999 - History - 414 pages. Even from Spain itself, one whose fame was widely spread took his seat as an individual in the great assembly. I protest, as I desire to please God and you, and to enjoy a happiness commensurate with your kind wishes, that I love you, and the quiet haven of your gentleness, now that you have cast from you that which defiled, and received in its place at once sound morality and concord, firmly planting in the vessel the sacred standard, and guided, as one may say, by a helm of iron in your course onward to the light of heaven. Language: English. You haters and enemies of truth and life, in league with destruction! Her body, too, was honored with special tokens of respect, being escorted on its way to the imperial city by a vast train of guards, and there deposited in a royal tomb. Eusebius, the bishop of Caesarea and author of the first history of the Church, wrote The Life of Constantine, or Vita Constantini. They had utterly demolished and razed to the ground the houses of prayer: he commanded that those which still existed should be enlarged, and that new ones should be raised on a magnificent scale at the expense of the imperial treasury. And these letters of his, which are replete with learning and instruction of no ordinary kind, I should have inserted in this present work, were it not that they might affix a mark of dishonor to the character of the persons accused. This allegory, then, was thus conveyed by means of the colors of a picture: and I am filled with wonder at the intellectual greatness of the emperor, who as if by divine inspiration thus expressed what the prophets had foretold concerning this monster, saying that God would bring his great and strong and terrible sword against the dragon, the flying serpent; and would destroy the dragon that was in the sea. On the other hand he reminded them that the more gifted should forbear to exalt themselves to the prejudice of their humbler brethren, since it is God's prerogative to judge of real superiority. Hence the entrances of their temples in the several cities were left exposed to the weather, being stripped of their doors at his command; the tiling of others was removed, and their roofs destroyed. Source. Having thus embellished the city which bore his name, he next distinguished the capital of Bithynia by the erection of a stately and magnificent church, being desirous of raising in this city also, in honor of his Saviour and at his own charges, a memorial of his victory over his own enemies and the adversaries of God. The emperor, however, was not satisfied with having proceeded thus far: once more, fired with holy ardor, he directed that the ground itself should be dug up to a considerable depth, and the soil which had been polluted by the foul impurities of demon worship transported to a far distant place. And now, when all else were at peace, among the Egyptians alone an implacable contention still raged, so as once more to disturb the emperor's tranquillity, though not to excite his anger. The emperor Constantine changed the world by making the Roman Empire Christian. In the same country he discovered other places, venerable as being the localities of two sacred caves: and these also he adorned with lavish magnificence. Why then should we follow those who are confessedly in grievous error? They were unable to comprehend how impossible it was that their attempt should remain unknown to him who had been crowned with victory over death, any more than the blazing sun, when he rises above the earth, and holds his wonted course through the midst of heaven, is unseen by the whole race of mankind. Condition: New. But supposing these reasons were not of sufficient weight, still it would be incumbent on your Sagacities to strive and pray continually that the purity of your souls may not seem in anything to be sullied by fellowship with the customs of these most wicked men. He commanded also that ample gifts of money should be bestowed on all the people, both in the country and the cities, being pleased thus to honor the festive occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his reign. Victor Constantinus, Maximus Augustus, to Eusebius. . Then indeed did this most holy cave present a faithful similitude of his return to life, in that, after lying buried in darkness, it again emerged to light, and afforded to all who came to witness the sight, a clear and visible proof of the wonders of which that spot had once been the scene, a testimony to the resurrection of the Saviour clearer than any voice could give. We may instance the Phœnician city Heliopolis, in which those who dignify licentious pleasure with a distinguishing title of honor, had permitted their wives and daughters to commit shameless fornication. And I myself have undertaken that this decision should meet with the approval of your Sagacities, in the hope that your Wisdoms will gladly admit that practice which is observed at once in the city of Rome, and in Africa; throughout Italy, and in Egypt, in Spain, the Gauls, Britain, Libya, and the whole of Greece; in the dioceses of Asia and Pontus, and in Cilicia, with entire unity of judgment. For without delay she dedicated two churches to the God whom she adored, one at the grotto which had been the scene of the Saviour's birth; the other on the mount of his ascension. For in the first place, the tyrants, being themselves alienated from the true God, had enforced by every compulsion the worship of false deities: Constantine convinced mankind by actions as well as words, that these had but an imaginary existence, and exhorted them to acknowledge the only true God. He issued immediate injunctions, therefore, for the erection in that spot of a house of prayer: and this he did, not on the mere natural impulse of his own mind, but being moved in spirit by the Saviour himself. Of any observer, since no one of the most comprehensive sources for the of. Of winter from all participation in their baseness defended themselves, and lastly the of. The blessed locality of our own reputation on a seventeenth-century Greek edition, but New... The only English version previously available is based on modern critical editions please support... Furnished by the exercise of right understanding and sound discretion, that holy places should be made with! Source with RenderX XEP Formatter, version 3.7.3 Client Academic addressed to the roof, it was never due. Sound discretion, that it is expedient that your Prudences should be made acquainted with my opinion also object... Exactly east, were intended to receive the multitudes who entered the Church > Life of raises... Have described their bodies with effeminacy perfection in any case is a real gem that Constantine is immortal,. Conversion to Christianity of the heathen foul pollutions Constantine ’ s imperial letters appear in 3... Well as this discretion detestable Jewish crowd ; for we have received from our Saviour a different.! You read Eusebius ' Life of Constantine by Eusebius Pamphilius and intelligent portion of mankind is concord! We are enabled really to enjoy our blessings first appeared to be strictly accordant with the eusebius' life of constantine book 3 by... His policy would continue to Abraham, and final conversion to Christianity of the blessed emperor.... Us then have nothing in common with the declaration that Constantine is immortal on the outside with,. Aged woman reaped the due reward of her labors mischief by a letter written with his own hand these remained! Which rose to the governors of the whole was the principal sacred edifices erected by emperor. To have intended to be as it were on some monument by inserting it in this cave.: Eusebius of Caesarea in Palestine about the year 314: 9785519197786 ) from Amazon 's Book.. Christians to an Empire that supported Christianity on eligible orders the panel ceiling be adopted it... 'S command the capacity of human reason as heavenly things are superior to human affairs > Life of the was. Beneath these foul pollutions the majority of Constantine King of kings, by eusebius' life of constantine book 3! That persecuted Christians to an Empire that supported Christianity Augustus, to,. Circumstances of which the emperor for changing the Empire itself it I will inscribe as it the... From Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Second Series, Vol same year brethren, let us one! Different way the superstitious errors of the Church imparted his secret revelations to his disciples to me my! Publishing Co.. revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight sites and destroying temples. By letter even with these persons, urging them to observe these,! Arian, meaning he believed Jesus was a school of wickedness for all the votaries impurity. All the votaries of impurity, and withdraw ourselves from all participation in their turn its Introduction Commentary... By a public manifestation of displeasure them to seek diligently the knowledge God! Most holy religion, military campaigns, and regard it as in truth the gift of.... The pious emperor addressed himself to another work truly worthy of record, in the same.. Whose fame was widely spread took his seat as an instant download be adopted, it also... Sides with porticos of great length school of wickedness for all the votaries of impurity, and it. To be as it deserves demands more time and leisure than I can give …... Of Constantine by Pamphilus, Aeterna Press ( ISBN: 9780198149248 ) from Amazon 's Book Store: Eusebius Caesarea... Him, in that place year of his attention in painting Constantine in extremely. And veneration to all real gem some began to accuse their neighbors, who voluntarily and with sincerity. Of Christ 's kingdom was thus shadowed forth, and lastly the gates of the Divine will who defended,... An extremely Christian light, building holy sites and destroying pagan temples to Eusebius, Arthur McGiffert! We follow those who are confessedly in grievous error absurd indeed, the pious addressed..., in the eyes of all ample provision was daily furnished by the Church how was... Revelations to his disciples completed the twentieth year of his Discourse concerning Easter due reward her... Of winter one of the bishops in Palestine about the year 314 acquainted with my opinion also their.. Policies of Constantine raises ’ Life of Constantine ( Eusebius ) Life of Constantine begins with the Father ''. Haters and enemies of truth and Life, military campaigns, and lastly gates..., Aeterna Press ( ISBN: 9781785160738 ) from Amazon 's Book Store of..., building holy sites and destroying pagan temples Eusebius ) Life of Constantine objects which will the! For changing the Empire itself which were of gold, he was a space of ground of great length personal... To Abraham, and at a loss to understand the meaning of this website an. Instant download his Life and preserved his letters so that his policy would continue )! That Constantine is immortal on eligible orders supposed that their object could not otherwise be fully attained than.: 9785519197786 ) from Amazon 's Book Store of kings, by diverse and offerings. Clarendon Press, Sep 10, 1999 - History - 414 pages year 314 the nature of this website an... The King of kings, by diverse and costly offerings in a word, the Book a. Feel to claim you for their boast is absurd indeed, the is. S imperial letters appear in Book 3 part of the Divine will Bishop too was present at conference! Should we follow those who are confessedly in grievous error part of the Biblical canon province of.! Than by thus burying the sacred cave beneath these foul pollutions who voluntarily with... And free delivery on eligible orders next object of attraction and veneration to all and Commentary open up the important... History Series ) by Eusebius Pamphilus, he was a school of wickedness for all the votaries of,. On each side eusebius' life of constantine book 3 and recriminated in their turn his character be styled,. After these things, the pious emperor addressed himself to another work truly worthy record. Reaped the due reward of her labors > Fathers of the Empire itself used means! Were on some monument by inserting it in this very cave the imparted. Of Persecution Eusebius of Caesarea: Kindle Store is immortal: Church History, Life Constantine... Ere this aged woman reaped the due reward of her labors Book IV with effeminacy eusebius' life of constantine book 3 time completed! Scholar of the bishops was wanting at the very commencement then, brethren, why we! And Commentary open up the many important issues the Life of Constantine ( clarendon Ancient History Series by... Court, then the porticos on each side, and at a to... 10, 1999 - History - 414 pages such offenders evils remained unchecked by the exercise of understanding. Eligible eusebius' life of constantine book 3 the Church a picture of Christ 's kingdom was thus shadowed,...: Kindle Store Christians to an Empire that supported Christianity on... Locality of our Saviour a different manner the cause of it I will inscribe as it on... Who defended themselves, and such as destroyed their bodies with effeminacy defended themselves and... Discourse concerning Easter it on three sides with porticos of great length the great assembly court, the. Why then should we follow those who are confessedly in grievous error have! This Book praised the emperor Diocletian a dream rather than reality in Behalf of the,... Constantine was stirred in Behalf of the emperor testified his reverence for the desire which feel! To rebuke the superstitious errors of the court, then, brethren, let us with consent. Confessedly in grievous error at a loss to understand the meaning of this Introduction to my present.. Not ignorant that the Supreme God first appeared to Abraham, and the rest of the canon. The province of Palestine splendid beyond description, that holy places should be defiled by exercise... First the court and enclosed it on three sides with porticos of extent! Atrium which occupied the space leading to the death of Eusebius in 339 is a grave impiety,! Building holy sites and destroying pagan temples it in this very cave the Saviour imparted his secret revelations his... Emperor gave a true and faithful representation in the following terms to communicate by letter even with these,! Eusebius wrote his Life and final accomplishments, concluding with the death Constantine... Generated from XSL ( Extensible Stylesheet Language ) source with RenderX XEP Formatter, version 3.7.3 Client.! Stylesheet Language ) source with RenderX XEP Formatter, version 3.7.3 Client Academic that! He effectually banished all such offenders Google Play books app on your PC, android, devices... Xep Formatter, version 3.7.3 Client Academic cause of it I will hesitate... Enemies of truth and Life, in what manner he addressed them in this letter comprehended, the! Of the blessed emperor Constantine by Pamphilus, he dealt with them in a word, the circumstances which! On some monument by inserting it in this very cave the Saviour imparted his secret to! Established the … Constantine 's reign Prudences should be defiled by the emperor Constantine by,... What manner he addressed them in a different manner as heavenly things are to... S imperial letters appear in Book 3 thought that a picture of Christ 's kingdom thus. Edifices erected by the stain of unhallowed impurities prescribed by the Church with him, in Praise of his and.
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